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Outdoors are just pure learning..... Nature is the best classroom and offers some of the richest opportunities for experiential education. The outdoor activities are the best to increase awareness of the world we live in and to truly understand important principles such as conservation, diversity and interdependence, interconectivity not just in terms of the environment, but also as applicable to society as a whole.

We are pleased to host an exclusive  Camp Retreat in Himachal. Situated for your institution on peaceful mountains, the university is known for their 7800 varieties of flowers, 189 varieties of fruits and vegetables & Forest. Travelling on one of the oldest Railway Track of the World and visiting Birth Place of Vedas, the oldest civilization on earth and pure Himalayan Experience enriched with Art, Culture, Simplicity and Sustainability. And what best, camping in the knowledge hub, one of the safest and fun place. Soil and Soul dedicates this Program to Mothers, Children & Women. Be rest assured that there will be loads of activities, fun & learning.

Among other things, we intend to carry out following activities:
1. Interconnectivity of self and nature, intuning ourselves with the nature around.  
2. Visting HIstorical Places, Local community and their sustainable lifestyle.
3. Activities for team building, survival skills, social skills
4. Mindfulness for complete rejuvenation.

Objective of this program is to provide an opportunity to connect with Mother earth..! While adults learn about delicate linkages through their experience, children learn Social & Survival skills. The whole program is wrapped around with Yoga to provide an experience to connect Self with the Nature. As this Program is specifically designed for Children, we take utmost precaution on Safety & Security. So, get ready to experience a week full of Nature, Yoga, Himalaya and most importantly yourself..! If time permits, we will also visit places of historical interest nearby.