Collaborate with Soil and Soul

Curated Experiential Programs are designed keeping the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi BE THE CHANGE, YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. We strive to understand our needs not greed, greed can never be met. During our program, we try understanding the role of human in our ecology and the various way we can contribute back to Earth's Natural Cycle.

What's in our Plate? What are our consumption pattern? Are we getting effected the most, with our Lifestyle choices? Do we have choice? Can we contribute to nature being in urban space? We emphasize on taking a small step to live in Harmony with Nature.

Below are the different programs which we conduct, do explore and be a part.

Initiatives for

An Awareness drive for all related to Lifestyle and the importance of their contribution in making this planet a better place to live.

Project based customized program for community. Be it Waste Management, Water Management,  Community Vegetable Garden.

Students of House of Genius - Project based program for school. Be it a Druid , a Afforester,  Water Rejuvenator, Soil Rejuvenator.

Various trails have been designed to learn hands-on. School can opt for one day trip to any of these Farm Trail, Dairy Farm Trail.

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