Educational Institute - These programs are basically designed to learn outside the four walls and focussed on learning surviving skills. The program is live project based on theme chosen by the institute. We customise these educational programs on requirement basis. These programs helps in critical thinking, self improvement, conscious living, public speaking, team working, planning, public speaking, presentation skills and many more to mould the personality. Based on theme, we also conduct outbound programs to involve students in community service.


Priti Rao


Zero Waste Campus

A year-long, live-project, driven by children, aimed to create awareness about environment & sustainability. It's a Unique experiential learning program

It involves all stakeholders – Students, Staff, Management & Parents.Encourages development of leadership & soft-skills.

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Yoga for Education

Real education is educating the behavior of the mind and brain. The process of imbibing knowledge is a spontaneous affair which take place at the deeper levels of the mind.

This indicates, the education of a child can be imparted even without the child's knowledge.

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