Lake Revival

Most of the lakes are either contaminated or dead in Bangalore City. It’s an urgent call to make Bangalore Water Sufficient City before we loose all our water resource. Ideally, all these lakes must have potable drinking water, before we reach that stage we have many challenges to face. It is difficult but not impossible. We have dedicated team of expertise in lake ecology, biodiversity, hydro geologists, engineers, natural farmer, bio enzymes expert, landscape designer to bring life into deteriorating water bodies.

Our ideology for Lake is working on Lake Ecology so that lake can take care of itself ie., enabling the lake to survive.

  • Food Forest in urban lake to increase the biodiversity using Native trees. Along with the seed ball dispersal creates an ideal environment for all the lives.
  • Use of Vetiver to increase the ground water level and do develop living lake edges. Vetiver has the capacity to control soil erosion, it can grow in any condition. Four slips of Vetiver is equal to a tree.
  • Wet Land Development using and Bio Enzyme to check on water contamination, to grow good bacteria to manage the bad ones, to improve the aquatic lives.

This holistic approach is economical and sustainable, enhances the lives and livelihood.


Do we look into our lifestyle to contribute in bringing back the balances in natural processes?


Do we look into our lifestyle to contribute in bringing back the balances in natural processes?  Request individuals and corporate to support this initiative.

Ongoing Campaigns

Lake Revival

Right now, we have Doddabele lake located on Bangalore Mysore highway to revive. This lake is blessed to be located in isolation, many upcoming high rise building is letting it run of water. It is possible to save this lake at this stage before any sewage water enters it. We can have local citizen to manage this lake. We would wish to have this place dedicated to birds and butterflies along with thriving aquatic life.

Expected cost - Rs.30 Lakhs for one year. We also look forward to corporate to step-in to take care of the financial requirement of lake maintenance.

Goal: Rs3,000,000.00
Collected: Rs0.00
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