Yoga For Education

Just like the way we prepare soil before starting a garden.

Stages of mental development - dullness, dissipation, oscillation and one pointedness

Real education is educating the behavior of the mind and brain. The process of imbibing knowledge is a spontaneous affair which take place at the deeper levels of the mind.

This indicates, the education of a child can be imparted even without thechild's knowledge.

We follow the tradition of Bihar School of Yoga in moulding children’s mind and growth. Our focus is on making Yoga as Lifestyle, not just practicing Asanas and Pranayams. We believe Yoga can change the quality of students, subsequently future citizens and our country. Let us bring in the traditional values to make strong foundation and individuals.


Do we look into our lifestyle to contribute in bringing back the balances in natural processes?


Do we look into our lifestyle to contribute in bringing back the balances in natural processes?  Request individuals & corporate to support this initiative.

Yoga for Different Age Groups

Yoga for Small Children (2-6 year)
Through Play - In play, activity is separated from objects, and action arises from ideas rather than from things.

Yoga begins at Age 8
All the body organs are grown by this stage, it's the time to grow immunity, endurance , vitality and wisdom.

Yoga and Youth 
The practical implications of yogic practices prepare them to handle contradictions by being mindfulness. Happiness is the true condition of man. This is why the younger generation has taken to yoga.

  • to find their true self and so to find permanent happiness.
  • Relaxation for school children.
  • Developing attention and awareness.
  • Developing all the senses.
  • Right balance between introversion and extroversion.

Yoga for Younger Children
Yoga with Story and Theme - It helps them to relate and perform along with the joy of practicing yoga. The theme could be Zoo, Blooming Lotus, Tree. Breathing practices can also be made interesting.

Yoga Games - are introduced to them to improve their attentiveness and responsiveness.

Mandala Making/ Zen tangles - helps in improving their creativity & concentration.

Overall the holistic approach would help in molding the personality.

Yoga for Senior Children
Introduction of Yoga that helps in self introspection using the themes like Happiness, Handling Conflicts, Gratitude etc.

Mantra Chanting, Relaxation, Breathing practices along with Asanas and practical implications would enable them to face real challenges of lives.

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