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soil and soul

Let's Talk Lifestyle - We don't wish to leave any stone un-turn to spread awareness drive towards sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to make people aware of their role played being on this planet and the contribution they can pay towards making our planet happier. Does our lifestyle choices play direct impact on ecology? If yes, what are or can be our choices. 

​Sustainable Menstruation - The choices in today's society we have and the health hazards related to the common products available in the market. Do we keep accepting whatever has been provided to us or do we understand and look out for better choices we have.

Outbound Experiential Programs - To understand and experience the Rural Life, Handloom Industry, Soil and Yoga, various choices related to our lifestyle has been designed  to rejuvenate and kick ourselves to bring in positive changes in our society.

Corporate Gifting - Our gifts are unique, its not just a way to inculcate habit of  growing something we use but also connecting oneself with nature.  Its is also a gift to earth and a bell to change our lifestyle choices. Our packaging are zero landfill, it doesn't contribute to landfill at all, its either compostable or reusable and definitely contribute to earth and our health. Do contact us if you wish to make a difference in lives.

Localizing ..... Globally ..... Naturally..... !