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We all know there is a pollution every where and we all know we need to get rid of these. Have we ever tried doing something about it? rather than blaming someone?? Worsening state of our fresh water bodies like rivers or lakes is the matter of  concern. Did we think about the root cause? Are we ready to bring in small little change in our lifestyle? Shall we  start doing something from our homes? 

Our water resources are finite and we fail to accept it. Do we acknowledge the degrading quality of water and this is what we are leaving back for the next generation? Are we helpless? No. We have enough to do and contribute back. 

Pollutants are going into our water system from our homes too. Let's start from there. Our home care products are 100% natural, 100% earth friendly and 100% friendly to all our fellow beings. 


Please Note - By using these bio-cleaners, we can not only reduce the water consumption drastically but also reduce the contamination of our fresh water resources. Used water can go directly to the plants from either dishwasher or washing machine. Do contact us to know more about these bio-cleaners.


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Soapnut LIquid
Replaces detergents for Laundry. Can be easily used in washing machine, replaces dish cleaner and can be used in dishwasher Cleans and Detoxify Food, Cleaning Jewellery, Natural Pesticide, Shampoo INR 200 per litre 


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soil and soul

Mosquito Repellent Kit - Mosquito bite is hazardous to health. We all know that chemical based mosquito repellents available in the market contain harmful and poisonous chemicals which are likely to cause threat to human health. Our Mosquito repellent made up of Indian Cow dung, neem cake and frankincense is available with the container.

Cow Dung Cake from Indian cow is known for purifying  the air and bringing in positive vibration in the atmosphere of the house. 

Mud container is beautifully handcrafted, good as a gift too. The smoky content in this container can be safely kept  inside the closet to chase away cockroaches too. It has been observed, once smoked, keeps the cockroaches away atleast for 
8 months. This kit has a container, neem oil and a pack of 51 cakes INR 350.00


EcoZyme is the solution to recover our ozone layer and lower the global temperature. Discover the endless benefits of this Earth-Saving enzyme 
Multiple Usage: This is a natural household cleaner; air purifier; deodoriser; insecticide; detergent; cleanser; organic fertiliser, etc.
Repair Ozone: Produces oxygen ion and mixes with Oxygen molecule thus becoming Ozone
Purifies Underground water and air: It removes odours and toxicity from Air and water
Natural Pesticide: Mosquitoes, rats, flies etc get reduced.
Antibacterial/virus:A antiseptic, Drainpipe cleaner and Sewage cleaner.

More uses than you thought? Well there are more!

Here are few ways these natural citrus enzyme cleaner works Cleaner : Floor, Bathroom,  Toilet Cleaner, Dish Soap, Stain Remover, Plant fertilizer, Drain Cleaner,  Wash : Car, Fruit & Veggie, Insect Repellent Greasy Surface, Facial Cleaner / Toner, Hair Conditioner, Pet Wipe, 1litre of Bio-enzymes can cleans approximately 1000 litres of sewage water. INR 250 per litre

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