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OUTBOUND EXPERIENTIAL PROGRAMS - Outbound learning provides direct contact with the natural world

  • It is a source of powerful learning experiences
  • Learners can relate with their classroom
  • Learners  become more versatile learners
  • Personal development: "If I can do this, I can do anything!“
  • Team Work: "If we can do this, we can do anything!“
  • Active citizenship from a sense of connection and responsibility
  • Experiential Learning is an effective and enjoyable form of learning, whether the emphasis is personal, social or environmental.  It is a powerful medium for personal, organisational and cultural development. 

A Day Trail – Ideal  for  all  the  age  group.

  - Farm Trail -  a visit to sustainable organic farm which specialises in  Seeds & Soil saving

  - Dairy Farm Trail – visit to understand the story of our milk, understanding the role of Indian cow in        
     healing the soil

  - Ethno Medicinal Trail – A garden wherein the landscape is done by medicinal / herbal plants .

  -  Forest Trail – Role of canopy, Biodiversity, Water shed

  -  Water Trail – A program on water conservation.

  -   Energy Trail – Sustainable energy model

Outbound Training - 2-3 days (Weekends) 

  - Mud Roads – Ideal for 12 + year old – It’s a rural trail and a visit to Handloom Industry, which is run exclusively by rural women. One of the Sustainable Rural Development. For more details register here.

Holistic Camp in Nature - 10 days plus travelling time Location of this camp is anywhere in India

  -  Mountains  -  Forests