soil and soul

​​We as human have been consuming more than Earth can reproduce in one year. Our sincere effort is to make products which has minimum number of ingredients derived naturally  from earth to fulfil our needs. We do not cater to the wants. It has no side effects absolutely safe even for infants and they are no landfill products. All products are tested on humans only. We do teach to make all of these in our various workshops.   We encourage everyone to make their products to meet their need, and if its not possible to make we are here to offer you our range of products which are made from locally available material. We  know what we are using and how it comes to us. The message we intend to drive through these products is "Nature has abundance  and we can get best of it by using least resource from her for the maximum benefits." This minimizes the impact on our environment. All these products are unique, because all of them has zero defect and causes positive or zero effect on our environment.​

Health Care - This section will focus into ancient wisdom from our natural science. Nobody can deny the role of Neem tree in our lives. Let's explore few more hidden wisdom and understand the effect of commonly available medicines in our garden. We have tried addressing the basic inconveniences we go through in our daily lives through our products.

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Personal Care - Knowingly unknowingly our body is getting many unwanted synthetic chemicals, which ultimately is either getting into our blood stream or draining into our water resource leading to irreversible damage. Today, market offers microbeads in most of the products, to our ignorance. Do explore the basic need of our body

Home Care - Have we ever thought what are we draining out from our homes? Grey water with loads of heavy metals are not doing any good to our fresh water. Do we have an alternative to keep our water safe for our next generation. Please explore our Home Care Products for more details. 

Localizing ..... Globally ..... Naturally..... !


Since we are talking about Nature, we understood, she is very complex and offers simple answers to our queries. You might find our single products for multiple use understanding the subtle science of Nature. The products details are given, please feel for queries.

They are packed in reusable containers and we are delighted to take it back. Landfill is one of the major issues we are facing today and most of the garbage is from packaging materials, we take responsibility of our consumption and request our customers to return it from where it has been purchased. The containers are refundable. 

Right now 50% of our customers are returning the containers and we wish to achieve the target of 100% to save our planet from landfills. This is not possible without our conscious efforts. We look forwards to your contribution.

We will soon be introducing our products in customised packaging. Either you get the containers from home to refill the products or take how much ever you wish to from our stalls.

If you are looking for options to eliminate some kind of chemical which is bothering you or if you  wish to share your  feedback to help us in improving our products, please feel free to drop us few lines through the contact form.