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Facial & Body Powder
Arrowroot powder  has great moisture absorbing qualities & make skin silkier and smoother.  Arrowroot is used to control moisture while dealing with foot problems such as athlete’s foot. Since it does not possess antifungal properties, it is used for moisture control only. Arrowroot has great healing qualities.INR 175.

Ready to use Liquid Soap (Soapnut)
Replaces detergents for Laundry. Can be easily used in washing machine Replaces Dish cleaner and can be used in dishwasher Cleans and Detoxify Food Cleaning Jewellery Natural Pesticide Shampoo INR 150 per litre 


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Tooth Powder
This tooth powder  is right blend of Betel nut, Clove, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger and Mint Extract. Beter Nut – known for strengthening the gums; Clove – to pull out the infection in teeth and gives relief to toothache; Cinnamon – Natural Dental Care, improves taste and a modest pain reliever; Black Pepper – Regular usage helps in maintaining oral hygiene and keep tooth away from all dental problems; Ginger – is known for keeping cavity at bay; Mint Extract – Freshness in breath INR 100

Mosquito Repellent Kit Mosquito bite is hazardous to health. We all know that chemical based mosquito repellents available in the market contain harmful and poisonous chemicals which are likely to cause threat to human health. Our Mosquito repellent made up of Indian Cow dung, neem cake and frankincense is available with the container.

Cow Dung Cake from Indian cow is known for purifying  the air and bringing in positive vibration in the atmosphere of the house. 

Mud container is beautifully handcrafted, good as a gift too. The smoky content in this container can be safely kept  inside the closet to chase away cockroaches too. It has been observed, once smoked, keeps the cockroaches away atleast for
8 months. This kit has a container neem oil and a pack of 51 cakes 
INR 350

Anti Fungal Foot Creme
Contains – Neem Oil, Camphor  &  Beeswax In ancient Vedas, neem tree is referred to “Sarva Roga Nirvarini” – one capable of curing every illness and ailments. Neem is a safe product to use and does not lead to any side effects. Fungal infections of the skin like ring worms, nail fungus and atheletes foot are quite common. Tests have proven that neem oil is effective on 14 different cultures of fungi. Camphor  can treat   Fungal infections occur in the toenails and skin. So, to reduce the infection, just dissolve camphor in water and apply on the affected area. This is a natural method to cure fungal infections. The combination of these two along with Beeswax gives the complete Foot Care Creme. INR 150

Cold Rub
Contains – Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Camphor The white crystalline camphor can be used to treat many health as well as skin problems. It is believed that camphor when dissolved in water can be really effective to treat respiratory problems. Camphor is also known for its properties in absorbing aches. This product is quiet popular among mothers, who prefers to use natural products on tender skin of their children and found very effective without any side effect. It can be effectively used for muscular pains INR 150

Insect Repellent
This creme is made from - Indian wormwood which is also known as Karpurtulasi because of its strong odour. Beside its many medicinal properties in curing stomach disorders, revitalizer it is known for its excellent insect  repelling  property.Excellent blend of its essential oil (made at home), virgin coconut oil and beeswax is packed in this bottle with all its goodness. INR 150

Lip Scrub and Balm
Contains – Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cinnamon and Honey Cinnamon is a spice that brings blood to the surface of the skin making the lines less visible. Cinnamon helps remove dead skin cells, and help restore shine and suppleness to the skin. The Skin Care Resource Center reports that current research has determined the effectiveness of honey as a natural form of suncreen, to protect the skin from sun damage Our Lip Scrub and Balm has natural goodness of Cinnamon and Honey, INR 150

Skin Rejuvenator
Contains​ – Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Frankincense. Frankincense has plenty of uses. It promotes calmness, serenity and relaxation. These indications will always be present, no matter how frankincense is used, and for what. Frankincense, also called olibanum, is an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia. Frankincense essential oil is great for skin care and nearly everything related to skin; burns, rashes, cuts, scrapes, and oozing sores. It’s also fabulous for mature, prematurely aging, and environmentally challenged skin. INR 150

Fruit Peel All Purpose Cleaner (Bio-Enzymes)
Here are few ways these natural citrus enzyme cleaner works Cleaner : Floor, Bathroom,  Toilet Cleaner, Dish Soap, Stain Remover, Plant fertilizer, Drain Cleaner,  Wash : Car, Fruit & Veggie, Insect Repellent Greasy Surface, Facial Cleaner / Toner, Hair Conditioner, Pet Wipe, 1litre of Bio-enzymes can cleans approximately 1000 litres of sewage water. INR 250 per litre.

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These products are homemade tried, tested at home on us for more than a year. Contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals We do teach to make all of these in our various workshops.   We encourage everyone to make their products to meet their need, and if its not possible to make we are here to offer you our range of products which are made from locally available material. We  know what we are using and how it comes to us. The message we intend to drive through these products is Nature has abundance of resource and we can get best of it by using minimum resource from her for maximum benefits. This minimizes the impact on our environment. All these products are unique, because all of them has zero defect and causing zero effect on our environment. 

This is our initiative in reusing the existing resources available. Our cremes are packed in glass bottle and we will be more than happy  to buy back the empty bottles.