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soil and soul

Urban Farmer - Grow you own Food

Druid - Creating a Herbal Garden

Afforestter - Creating a forest patch

School Programs 

Our mission is to sow a seed of sustainability in every child’s heart and nurture them to be sensible and responsible global citizens. To accomplish our mission we have designed certain programs for schools which can be easily related to the academy. Our practical approach to the various global environmental challenges, we equip them to implement the same in their personal lives.

Yoga being the integral part of our program, keep them grounded and connect to the nature.

The mission of making it a better place to live and be a part of Soil and Soul Squad. Our programs is based on hands-on, audio visual sessions, presentation is a prime part which enables them to be a public speaker, team work, enabling critical thinking process and practice what they believe in. Periodically, we will have small competitions, group discussions, field trips too.

Our programs are theme based, and it can be a part of Extra Curricular Activities and Skill Building. Depending upon the choice of the theme by school we pick up a project, which will be accomplished by children in one academic year. All the theme can run independently.

Our vision is to enable a child to speak on international platform of UN representing our country on green initiatives.

​We conclude our workshop with the Sankalpa of being happy in healing the earth and to live in harmony with all the living creature. 

Nurturing the Nurturers

Water & Soil Healer