Priti Rao

Priti Rao is a Bengaluru based eco-entrepreneur. She is the founder of Soil and Soul, an organization that is engaged in bringing awareness about Sustainability. Priti is a learner, sustainability practitioner, yoga teacher and holds a black belt in karate. Priti likes traveling & teaching.

A Postgraduate in Marketing from Bangalore University, she was actively involved in National Cadet Corps, Air Wing during her college years. She represented the Karnataka and Goa contingent at Republic Day Camp in New Delhi way back in 1995. There she won a couple of gold medals at National Level for flying an Aeromodel. The zeal to learn hasn’t stopped the ambition at that point. She is a certified Yoga teacher and follows Bihar School of Yoga. She got her black belt in Shotokan Karate in the year 2016.

She has worked for over a decade in corporate before venturing into something she is passionate about. Nature, children and our education system have always inspired her to do something which is not just learning but also the joy in discovering.

Now, under the umbrella of Soil and Soul she fulfills all her desires to explore experiential learning. This journey of exploration started after she became a mother. She wished to give all the goodies available on earth and hence the seed was sown in mind to bring in differences in lives, the way we live, the way we think, the way we are connected to nature. She understood the fact that we are a part of nature, nature is not our part. Based on this it is important to live in harmony with all the living things in and around us. It made her world full of life, a new perspective towards happiness, happiness in small little things, happiness in understanding subtle science of nature, happiness in sharing all that she learnt.

Priti Rao's Journey

About Soil And Soul

Who are we?

Soil and Soul is a Bengaluru based organization that is involved in providing sustainable ideas and alternatives for communities. Our focus has been on building sustainable communities by raising awareness and creating measurable action plans. We do this through active engagements with our stakeholders such as communities, students, households, policy makers, government, ecosystem partners, etc. Our aim is to create a positive impact on our environment by practicing a simple, sustainable and earth friendly lifestyle by creating alternatives using locally available resources.

What do we Offer?

We offer advisory services, skill development programs (Training, Workshops) as well as a bouquet of products.

Soil and Soul conducts regular training programs that are aimed at developing communities such as schools, colleges, villages and households. Our training programs are mostly customized to meet the requirements designed to create awareness and community based action plans.

What is our Philosophy?

Soil and Soul is involved in providing natural alternatives to chemical based products that are used in our daily lives. We strive to create products that are natural, earth-sensitive by using locally available materials thereby by leaving minimum carbon footprint.

We believe that open source knowledge management is a key that can create awareness among masses about sustainable lifestyle. To this effect, we train communities on how to make these products locally either at home or at a community level. Our approach not only helps develop skills but also creates sustainable livelihood particularly among women and rural masses.

Choices we make as a consumer has a bearing on our environment. Our endeavour is to minimise the dependency on environmentally damaging and chemical-based products at our homes by providing time-tested, sustainable alternative.

Our Aim & Objectives

"To have more earth sensitive citizens, Oneness with Nature"

Inter-connectivity with nature and understanding how small steps can bring big differences.

We are just a part of Earth, our greed for more has grown enormously and it has started showing in every aspect of our lifestyle. We have started giving more importance to things rather than humanity and the belief is so strong that we have started killing each and every other living organisms which co-exist with us, by consuming more and more. This is the major cause of imbalance in our ecology. Do we look into our lifestyle to contribute in bringing back the balances in natural processes?

Soil and Soul is obliged to each and every individuals who have played an important role in molding us.


We sincerely thank Graphic Gang team for giving us such a creative and wonderful asset - OUR LOGO. We must say, they just don't design, they think and the thoughts are shown through their work. This logo speaks everything about our organisation; the motive and the feelings which we started with. Kannan, thank you so much once again for this.


Center for Herbal Gardens and Landscaping Services (CHGLS) has designed a unique garden that has been aesthetically landscaped, exclusively with native medicinal plants used by different Indian systems of medicine: Ayurveda (636), Siddha (450), Unani (160), Homoeopathy (128), Tibetan (185) and Folk (702). It is a live repository of 1,200 species of medicinal plants, collected from all over India that can be grown in the climatic conditions of Bangalore.

Center for Local Health Tradition is one of the most innovative approaches to health care in the World today. It serves as a catalyst to achieve self-reliance in primary healthcare by revitalizing the local health traditions.


Have been a part of food revolution by its contribution in saving seeds and soils since 12 years; Annadana has been practicing sustainable organic farming. and today conserves and distributes 101 varieties of organic open-pollinated vegetable seeds.

During our experiential outdoor activities related to farming we share the joy and skills of growing our food at Annadana and provide an opportunity to implement the same in our lives.


This project is based on the concept that we should follow the path of Shreyas - which means we should think about the impact of our actions on the environment and our fellow beings - our acitons should have positive impact on society and nature.

Cow is revered as Mother Devine as she nurtures us through her milk and other products. She nurture earth wit her dung and urine - which helps in cultivation of our food.


We sincerely thank BWSSB for giving us permission to conduct our program in their premises, The Rain Water Harvesting Park. This is one of its kind in India, very well maintained and a hub of knowledge on water conservation.


BIMBA has been playing important role in promoting our products and giving them deserved exposure.

BIMBA in Sanskrit connotes Reflection. BIMBA mirrors the unique vision of an artist for growing art-its practice and sharing. It reflects socio-artistic values.

It is a lung to breathe in a unique Indian aesthetic experience. The classic rustic simplicity and beauty of the innovative handmade inner spaces, displays and creations can invoke a “never before” feeling.

A rare practice call GREEN ART percolates into every encounter with people, things and situations- life itself. Soul is invested in each creation of art - art that can relate with the stories. At BIMBA, Art and philanthropy resonate harmoniously with good living and creative active citizenship. The underlying aesthetic mantra term EARTH SENSITIVE ART.


JAIVIK SETU - Indore based Organic Store, for encouraging us by selling our products and conducting our workshop on Sustainable Lifestyle. We have setup Bio Enzyme making unit for local production for local community.

Jaivik Setu, is committed to provide farm fresh Organic vegetables, grains, pulses amongst various other food items of daily use. They work with several Organic farmers in India who cultivate hundreds of acres of sustainable farmland. Each product is one link in a chain of love, and respect for nature and you.

They strive to eliminate dangerous chemicals from the food chain and homes, by providing safer alternates that are in harmony with nature.

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